Monday, March 30, 2015

Top 10 Lingerie Styles for EASTER

Spring Lingerie

Its the season of  SPRING Yayyyy. Get your  Easter Holiday Lingerie. Put on the  glamorous, sexy and oomph inducing Corsets or buy a sensual Lingerie and show your partner why the Easter is the best holiday

Explore your fun and sexy side with latest sexy and smooth styles of Lingerie for Easter celebrations.

I have here 10 best ultra sexy lingerie styles which can add a little spice in your bed.

Spicing things up and getting in the mood cannot be only done in the kitchen. Turn on your partner with this naughty lace piece if its too hot to handle.  It’s all about the bedroom!.

So  get your ass in this flirty shape, this sweet lacy Babydoll   and flaunt your delicate and irresistible features.

Get the figure of your dreams. Its Nylon control fabric makes you feel comfortable making smooth and shape your buttocks and making that hourglass figure of your dreams a reality.. Seams flattering your every curve give for  curvy look under clothes.

So add this sexy piece to your wardrobe to get in control.

Be wicked this holiday. Turn on the desire and this night with this bold and raunchy piece
Ignite your passion and pounce on the bed with hot wear that’ll not only make you more bold but confident and ready to take charge. 

Give your lover the best holiday gift. Be a tease and heat up the sack in this deliciously flattering mesh chemise and watch who'll give in you or your partner. Turn this night into a raw and passionate affair.

Get in the groove and turn this holiday into a special evening of romance and add fuel to your desires.
Delicate on the outside but designed to light up the passion and lust bringing out the oomph in you.

Transform yourself into an Elegant and a sexy doll and shock your lover with this stunning look. Feel your true self in this stretch lace teddy making you an object of desire.

Turn the tables on your partner revealing your naughty and slutty  side to your partner.

Be a hypnotic chic and seduce your better half with this  the Metallic halter

Get ready for an Xcape on the wild side adding spice in your relationship in this metallic halter dress which shows all those right curves and make show the boys what being sexy is all about .The dress ensures you be the sparkle of attention of the party. 

Turn into a red hot stunning minx in this Vivace Diamond Pattern Bandeau Dress providing you with heated Moments. Turn on lover with the sight of you in this ravishing outfit. Be a Red Hot Stunner that'll make your partner swoon.

Tempt your lover with this irresistible seamless heart chemise, g-string panty and wrist restraint set. Make your sweetheart do your bidding and make your wildest fantasies come to life in this naughty and fun sequin heart teddy and wrist restraint set!.

Make this a memorable night for you and your partner.

Be the your lover’s dream girl by wearing this Stretch Mesh Chemise with Strappy Elastic Back.
Melt his heart and explore the deepest and primal passion for each other in this orgasmic lingerie which’ll have your lover wanting for more.

Then have a blast this Easter and make it a night to remember for the both of you.

Have FUN.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Easter Costumes For Kids

Easter Costumes Ideas for Kids

Easter is one of the biggest occasions in the Christian calendar and a popular choice for throwing a party. But if you are planning to throw an Easter party for kids at your own place   or attending one, you may already be busy racking you brains to come up with the right costume for your kids to wear to the event?
Stop taking the trouble and check out some of the  Easter Costume Ideas for your kids I found for Easter.

If you want to teach your little one all about the history of Easter and the stories behind its origins,  Religious children's Easter outfits are the perfect way to make it fun for both you and your son or daughter

Bring the famous story of Jesus to life this Holiday!. This costume is perfect for a church play and to wear on Christmas and Easter! Feel a little closer to Jesus when you wear this cool religious inspired costume. You can accessorize it with wooden cane for more authentic look.

Your girl will transform into Mary, the mother of Jesus, when she wears the Mary
Child costume at the church Nativity scene.You can find sizes ranging from small to large that can comfortably fit most of the girls

Child Mary costume will get your daughter a very polite attention, as she is now not just an ordinary girl, but also the loved mother Mary.

Thank heaven for our little angels. Dress your daughter up in this positively heavenly Kids Angel costume. Among the different Easter costumes, this one would stand out because of the beautiful accessories like the halo over the head, with wings. This kids Angel costume would  work for any use.

If you child seems to be "wise" beyond his years, than why not put a play on words with this Wiseman Child Costume. You will see your boy transform into a fine, young, wise man from the East.

They say a clown can make anything funny, and quite frankly, I agree!. Clowns make for great costumes and this Rainbow Clown Child Costume is no different. The dress is a vibrant array of colours and is my personal favourite.

It will make your kid look  funny, cute and adorable. Join the circus of crazy Easter costumes.

Look more beautiful than a peacock spreading its wings, this Easter. This lovely and original Girl's Peacock Costume comes with a fantastic dress that will look more gorgeous on you than it could ever look in the picture.

You'll have to put it on to believe how wonderful and detailed it is. Accessorize them with matching blue tights  and you'll be the most beautiful bird in the animal kingdom.

It would be an adorable way to get your child to see the importance of good eye health. The Carrot Boy's Costume is a large tunic that slips on over the head and features arm and face holes.

The top of the costume features a patch of green that represents the leafy part of the carrot. This would make a funny Easter because it can serve as a constant reminder for eating carrots in order to have strong eyes.

Funny costumes are appreciated by those who have the right funny bone, and this outfit will fit that mold because it's not designed to look cool in any way.

It's a silly and goofy outfit that can only be worn by a child who doesn't care about making him or herself look funny.

Magical magnificent and just a bit mysterious - that's the Midnight Fairy in all her glory. Celebrate the night in this deluxe Midnight Fairy costume that's bewitchingly beautiful.

Your girl can be a pretty fairy princess in this lovely dress. You can make a homemade garland as crown for your kid and separately buy wand for a full magical look.

The Girls Athena Costume can transform your daughter into a young goddess. No doubt, you have been treating her like a goddess since her childhood, but now she is exactly going to look like one.

No wonder, your daughter will look like a goddess wearing the Roman princess costume. This costume is perfect for a play also. Your daughter can be one of the most beautiful princess at a themed party too. Purchase the matching jewelry  too for the truly Royal look.

Costume parties and holiday events just became a little more fun thanks to this adorable Melchior costume.

Become the scholarly king in our Melchior of Persia Costume for boys! Based on the traditional style of the Three Wise Men, this Easter costume features a long golden robe perfect touch for your kingly Nativity look.

These are some of the fantastic Easter costume ideas for kids which I think will make your Easter more fun and special and make your kids life of the party.

Happy Easter

Friday, March 20, 2015

Easter Party Ideas

Easter Party Decorations

Spring has arrived, the flowers are beginning to blossom and Easter is finally here so I want to provide you with inspiration for your Easter party .

Easter is the festival celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ and shops have already stocked up on the Easter supplies and decorations so as to  make your party rocking and colourful.
I've got some fun Easter party ideas that’ll really impress your friends and family.

Set the stage for the springtime merriment with fresh air, first blooms, and lots of lively colour.
Set the stage for a Easter bunny themed outdoor party for guests of every age.

Choose Easter party decorations that are fun to create,  plan a table you can set quickly , thus freeing up plenty of time for play, too.

Easter decorations for the home usually incorporate pastel colours of, yellow, blue or green. For a modern look use brighter versions of those same colours.

Easter Decor

Include handcrafted Easter Bunnies, decorated eggs, in your Easter party decorations. You can buy these items and other Easter decorations at a local craft shop, party supply store, or online.

If you are feeling creative, you could also try your hand at making some of your own Easter decorations. Add a colorful and sunny touch with these party kits. You can decorate your garden, porch and even your house with balloons and colorful decor and get into the easter spirit.

Whether you have a traditional Easter dinner or brunch or if you host an Easter egg hunt every year, make sure your guests know where to celebrate this year by sending online invitations or save the dates early.

The date of Easter changes every year so it's likely that people won't know when it is until they receive your Easter invitation

Easter Basket

Easter baskets can serve as great decorative pieces for your Easter holiday. A great idea for a spring Easter basket is to decorate it with silk fabric and beautiful flowers. Fill the basket with candy or Easter eggs for decoration.

Egg  scavenger hunt

Make the party playful and fun by sending kids out on a egg scavenger hunt with clues they have to use to find the easter eggs and the winner gets items from easter basket.


With spring in full bloom, there is no reason not to incorporate flowers into your Easter decorations. Add a few vases of flowers to give your room a beautiful spring look. Easter flowers like daffodils, tulips,lilies  will bring vibrant colours to your table setting. Another decorating idea is to fill the vase with jellybeans instead of water.

A great Easter table centrepiece idea is to paint a small tree branch white, then stick it to a foam craft ball to secure it. You can also hang homemade miniature  glass Easter egg ornaments from the tree branches which will make up for spectacular sight. 
Or you can go for an adorable centrepiece (which is my favourite) for your evening. A touch of Red could also do the trick.

If you are planning to have an Easter brunch or dinner, there are many Easter table decorations that you can incorporate into your table setting. I've got a few inspirations as part of your Easter party decorations for your Easter celebration this year.

Delight your guests with beautiful dinnerware in Easter colours. Use festive napkin rings to reflect the season as well.

Surprise the guests with sweet treats covered in the napkins folded in the shape of bunny ears which is surely to put smile on the faces of everybody present.

You can set up a bench decorated with a bouquet of balloons and bright and colourful crepe paper with bunny ears to put on which’ll make for an Easter-ific photo op.

For an outdoor party if time is an issue just use tree branches as your Easter table decoration. Display them in vases or glass bottles on the table and hang Easter egg shells from the branches.

Capture the spring breezes with these coordinating and colourful fabrics which are affordable, colourful and perfect for the evening and get the party started.

Set Up a Dessert Table

Hosting an outdoor affair? Use a  side table or a cupcake stand to display a variety of Easter cakes and desserts that guests can help themselves to.

A "Happy Easter" banner  or a handmade makes everything extra festive!. These fresh and fun ideas will surely impress your guests.


Have a fun and Happy Easter!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Cinderella Birthday Party for your Daughter

Cinderella Theme

Bring home the magic of Cinderella.  Make the fairy tale come to life by throwing her a cinderella themed birthday party for your kid.  Every girl dreams of being as beautiful as cinderella wearing that beautiful blue dress to feel like a princess.  

Make her dream come true by throwing her an enchanted birthday party she would always remember. Transform your daughter into a princess by buying her  elegant blue gown with tiara making fairy tale a reality. Get ready for her royal entrance.

Here are some of the best dresses I found that'll turn fantasy into a reality for your daughter.

A crown  fit for your little princess is sure to make her a shining star of  'Royal Ball'.

Since Cinderella cannot be without her Prince Charming. Surprise your daughter by
dressing up as her prince charming making a night she'll never forget. These are some of the best ideas for the magical occasion.

Since the fairy godmother plays a big role in cinderella’s life. Mother too can dress up to be  fairy godmother  to grant her a wish in the form of gifts.

Get a touch of royalty serving the guests in enchanted goblets.

Cinderella party decorations will bring the Cinderella theme to life. Decorate your house with blue or silver balloons and have a stand up to greet your guests and welcome them to the magical world. 

Roll out a pink carpet for when guests enter the “castle”.

You can decorate the chairs with bow chair cover.

Turn your house into a palace with this elegant chandelier . Leave no stones upturned to provide full Royal Treatment  for your guests and your daughter

Purchase cinderella  party pack   at affordable price to make this a party she would not forget. It also saves your time and money form the hassle of searching/buying different things   Turn your house into a magical kingdom and make her favourite fantasy come to life. Decorate your house with multi-colred baloons and make house a 'Palace' for her night.


Buy Cinderella-themed party invitations for inviting guests to the “Royal Ball”.


At the end distribute princess partyfavors as guests bid the birthday girl farewell.

I am sure the above ideas would help to bring a million dollar smile on your daughter’s face as it has on mine. A smile that would make your day.